Cobre Panama complies with environmental standards and regulations

(Panama, December 26, 2013). Two years after the Cobre Panama project Socio-Environmental Impact Study (EsIA) was approved by the National Environmental Authority (Autoridad Nacional del Ambiente, ANAM) by Resolution IA-1210 of December 28, 2011, Minera Panama confirms compliance with environmental and social commitments.

Todd Clewett, Country Manager for the company, emphasized that, since approval of the EsIA, 8 follow-up reports have been delivered to the institution corresponding to the construction phase of the work. He further reported that they have conducted quarterly workshops to present the progress in implementation of the project mitigation measures before the environmental authorities.

Added to this, inspectors from the ANAM and the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (Ministerio de Comercio e Industrias, MICI) periodically verify compliance with the commitments described in accordance with the established regulations and requirements. The Cobre Panama project is being developed following the provisions of Law 9 of February 26, 1997 and the Environmental Impact Study (EsIA) approved by the National Environmental Authority (ANAM) in 2011, as well as in each and every one of the permits, authorizations and administrative concessions necessary for implementation of the project.

“As a company respectful of Panamanian laws, we have complied with all the permits, addendums and resolutions necessary for advancing the project”, said Clewett.

Minera Panama advances actions aimed at conserving Panamanian biodiversity while taking into consideration a variety of environmental and social aspects. To date, 1,500 hectares have been reforested with native species.