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Cobre Panama continues with Job Fairs

(Panama, February 12, 2015) Hundreds of people gathered this weekend in the Job Fair, organized by the company Minera Panama with the Ministry of Labor and Workforce Development (MITRADEL), in the province of Colón.

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Harpy Eagle in Donoso promotes scientific research

(Panama, February 10, 2015) In December 2014 was born a genuine copy of Harpy Eagle (Harpia harpyja) in a jungle valley of Colon in the District of Donoso, located on the site where the company Minera Panama (MPSA) builds the Cobre Panama project. The event…

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Perform Job Fair in La Pintada

(Panama, November 17, 2014) The Ministry of Labour and Social Development (MITRADEL) and Minera Panamá held a Job Fair in La Pintada District, in order to attract workers for the Cobre Panamá project which is currently in the construction phase.

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